You were trapped in a room with only a gun, a flashlight, and a few ammunitions, you're going to have to survive waves of enemies, but as you progress, the lights will turn off !

To help you, you will be able to gather flares from enemies. Once thrown, these flares will light up in the dark wherever you threw them to show what's there.

Tips : Each door makes a different sound so you can know where the enemies come from, and the sounds are 3D, so it's easier to play with headphones. Killing an enemy gives you a bullet. 

Controls : Left click to shoot, right click to throw flares (picked up on certain enemies).

Don't hesitate to send some feedback !


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Is it me or the game is too difficult?

Yeah, I've made the difficulty suited for me, but it's easier for me since I know every detail.

Do you think I should rather change the difficulty in itself or add a difficulty setting with easy/middle/hard ?


Since there are levels in the game I'd increase the difficulty gradually